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At NWCC your spiritual growth is our highest priority, and your safety is our deepest concern.

All four services are now available to be attended in person. We will be continuing to live stream our 10:30 am service on Facebook and YouTube.  Links to these are available below.




Please use wisdom when deciding whether to attend services in person or continuing to worship with us online. More changes will come in the future. Please be patient.


If you decide to attend - remember, we are figuring this all out together and would rather error on the side of caution. We love you all! Do what is best for you/your family. And we look forward to worshiping with you (in one way or another) this Sunday!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to make a reservation for church?

No.  Up to this point we have had enough room to spread out.  If you come and don't feel comfortable, come back for the 11:45 am service.  Currently, 10:30 am is the largest service.

Are masks required?

No - According to the Governor's proclamation, we are not required to mandate masks, however, we are encouraging them for all who would prefer to wear them.  NWCC also has custom masks available for a donation of any size, if you'd like to be safe and show off your church!

Social Distancing?

Yes - we are encouraging social distancing.

Are kids allowed?

Yes - we have have programs available for kids preschool - 12th grades.  Classrooms and high traffic areas are cleaned often. 

Are you having communion?

Yes - prepackaged communion juice and wafers are available in the entryway if you prefer.  Pick yours up on the way into the sanctuary!  However, we are passing both communion and offering during the service.  Two cups are stacked on each other - the bread is in the bottom cup so it will not be touched, juice is in the top cup.  Please participate with us in the way you feel most comfortable.